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Batteries and PSUs by Graham Woods & Denise Oh
Which is better? Batteries? Bigger batteries? PSUs?

Computer Audio is So Much Fun!
Oh yeah! I'm enjoying computer audio these days, and why you should enjoy this too!

Building a Hifi System
For newbies. What is a DAC? What is a preamp?

The Beginning of the End of Fullrange Single Drivers
Why we are such horny bastards!

Let's Get Horny!
Why we are such horny bastards!

Coral Speaker Drivers
My little homage to such a wonderful company. Thanks for many years of wonderful music!

What the hell is this Impedance thingie?
Have problems with this impedance guy? Hope this short take clears up a bit.

How to Convert your PP amp to Triode mode
Yup. For you guys with Pentode Push Pull amps.

Return of the Darling
No ordinary Darling but the Matrix Darling.

How to "Screw Around" Your Tube Load Line
A Day in the Life of the BOGUS "Circuit Designer".

How to replace the laser pick-up assembly of your CD player
Now you can save some big bucks and do your own repairs.

A Tale of 2 Trans
My harrowing experience with locally wound trans.

El Cheapo Power Supply
Don't be held ransom by rogue trafo winders!

Variation of the Same Theme
You don't need to build many amps to learn...

The Weakest Link
No, not the game show. Read on.

Chokes in C Major
How to get your chokes to sing!

Part recommendation: Fostex FT17H horn tweeter
Great sounding super tweeter!

Dare to compare!
Ever wonder how your favourite capacitor stack up against the competition?

Non-Oversampling DAC Project
What is the easiest, cheapest way of trying out non-oversampling?

Quality is as Quality does
how to get the better of "bottomline people"...

All tubes are equal
but some are more equal than others...

How to build YOUR own tube preamp
A step-by-step with photos for newbies...

A Tale of 2 Caps
A take on Audio Note vs Jensen coupling capacitors

Power Corrupts!
My DIY Darling journey.

Romancing the Darling...
My DIY Darling journey. Part 2.

My experience with 'Sakuma Darling'

Part recommendation: AES PT-156 interstage transformer
Great stuff that don't cost a bomb.

It's Hammer Time!
My DIY speaker journey.

Please note that I have taken off the "Selecting an Output Transformer" by Bill May but the moral of the story remains. Don't associate high cost with quality and great sound. Spending big $$ on components isn't a guarantee of getting great sound.

Grounding and Shielding Primer for Tube Circuits

Hammond 125ESE output transformer review
Don't always associate cost with quality...

A Homebrewer's journey
In particular, note his easy-to-build open baffle speakers.

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