DIY Paradise

brings you NOS tubes...



NOS tubes (or valves to Brits) are hard to get in this region. Most of the time, you need to pay BIG BUCKS, and sometimes they are all just HYPE. DIY Paradise tries its best to remove all this hyperbole and just bring you... your tubes. : )

Some terminologies to those still not stricken by "tube fever":

NOS    New Old Stock    Yeah... they have been sitting in some warehouse/under some cupboard for some years already. Now, finally called to service.

JAN    Joint Army Navy    Military specs tubes. Best of the best. Better than normal commercial range, that is.



And now the tubes...


6C45Pi            RM72

Kick arse super linear Russian triode! Look at the curves! Superb construction puts Yankee tubes to shame! Click on image to enlarge. Don't know how to use them? Here's some tips:

Use it to build a 1W Single Ended One-Tube Amp! Yes! One tube, one output transformer and some resistors are all that you need. Amaze your friends with what 1W can do! Here's 2 links to get you started.    (with detailed datasheet)

Or use it as a super driver!




Raytheon 5842Q or JAN 5842    RM34    Datasheet

High mu, similar spec'ed to the 6C45Pi triode. Similar to Western Electric's 417A.



Philips ECG JAN 5814A             RM32 Datasheet

Military version of 12AU7 / ECC82.



Philips ECG JAN 12AT7WC / ECC81       RM34Datasheet

Phlips USA, not Philips Holland.



Philips ECG JAN 6922 / 6DJ8 / ECC88   RM40Datasheet

Used extensively as cathode followers. Found usually in output stage of CD players.



Philips ECG JAN 6X4WA       RM24 Datasheet

Low cost rectifier tube. Best used in preamps and low power power amps.