Have you watched the movie "Pay It Forward"? Or read the book?

Anyway, central to the story is the concept of "pay it forward". The main character in the movie devises a simple, ingenious concept to make the world a better place. If each of us helps 3 persons, and this 3, instead of paying back your good faith, "pays it forward" by helping another 3 persons, very soon, this 3 will help 9 more. This 9 will extend to 27 and so on. A Good Samaritan chain letter. Interesting concept?

Okay, what does this have to do with audio? DIY?

Well, when I started DIY Paradise, it's easy to help out customers and fellow diyers. Over time though, there are so many of them that I can't afford to extend my help, especially in person. A DIYer nearby, yes. But a DIYer thousands of miles away, I'm sorry. Then I thought of the movie and recall... If a DIYer in your neighborhood can extend a helping hand to your DIY project, and you extend it to another DIYer... hmm...

But don't we have enough forums on the Internet?

Yeah, we actually have too many forums with very low signal to noise ratio but the idea here is to help you out physically. In person.

I remember when I first started out my first amp, I had lots of questions, even though I'm electrically trained. Okay, I'm a VERY bad engineer! But I could imagine non-technical folks probably have it harder (probably easier too, gulp!). Now, having a fellow DIYer in your neighborhood, who's willing to help you out, will make your DIY project easier!

At that time, I had to rely on calling my DIY gurus for help, since I don't know any DIYer in my neighborhood. Now, if I were to introduce a fellow DIYer in the neighborhood who's willing to help you... Wouldn't this make your DIY project easier? And once you have learned your ropes, you help other DIY-wannabes, OK?

Plus, if you can't DIY, but a DIYer in your neighborhood is willing to DIY one for you, why not? Sure beats buying from stores! At least you don't have to pay for expensive mark-ups, marketing, advertising charges etc... What do you think?

If lack of technical help is stopping you from trying a DIY project, maybe this would change your mind?

Write to me, if you are interested to be part of the DIY community. Just tell me what you have DIYed and I'll have web space to show your contacts. I better get the ball rolling.



Pay It Forward


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