Let's make a Pledge....

Never Listen to Untreated CDs Again!



What began as a social visit to buddy MKC's place yielded one of the most fun tweak I have come across. Dang, this tweak is not new but if you haven't heard about it (like me), then it's new!


Hey, even Joni Mitchell says it's a Hit!


Okay, to fulfil the above pledge, you have 3 choices.

Choice #1. Get a can of Pledge Furniture Polish and polish all your furniture. Then listen to music. As your furniture are all freshly polished, the aroma and look will create an ambience that is conducive to listening.

Choice #2. Get a can of Pledge Furniture Polish and place it on top of your speakers. Ideally the nozzle should be facing the listening position. Be rewarded with improved imaging and spatial resolution!

Choice #3. Get a can of Pledge Furniture Polish and spray on your CDs, then wipe them off gently with a soft cloth. Then listen.


Ready? Made your choice?


Choice #1 will be your wife's suggestion.

Choice #2 *could* be ripped verbatim off a hifi mag!

Choice #3 is what a Diyer will do.

Aim and fire!


Seriously, when MKC had me listening to untreated, then treated CDs, I was just speechless.... Trying to pick my jaw off the floor!

Try it, and be rewarded with lower noise floor, less splashy highs and smoother mids with more prescence.

If it doesn't work, there's always Choice #1.